Your business is one-of-a-kind, let us help design a specialized business insurance package to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Choosing the right commercial insurance plan for your business can be very confusing.  Whether you are a contractor, retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, we can prepare a package to meet your specific requirements according to your property, liability, commercial auto or workers compensation needs.

You pride yourself on operating a safe, secure work environment where your employees can perform to the best of their ability while helping your business grow. Even in the most ideal circumstances, the reality is that accidents and illness still happen. A slip and fall at a restaurant resulting in broken bones, an equipment malfunction at a construction site causing eye injury—it could be any number of things.

Upon the unexpected, it’s essential that your employees’ medical needs are quickly addressed so they can return to work as fast as possible. And that’s exactly what Summit Hill Insurance can help you do. Let one of our agenst create a tailored multi-coverage solution including Workers’ Compensation Insurance that meets the specific needs of your business.

Rely on Experts who Know Workplace Injury

Don’t go at it alone or risk legal non-compliance and/or a lawsuit. Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance can quickly and efficiently deliver benefits at a fair cost for work-related injuries and illnesses sustained by you and your employees.

When we receive a Workers’ Compensation claim, an experienced representative is committed to achieving same-day contact with those involved—the injured/ill employee, employer, medical provider and insurance agent. This ensures that benefits begin as soon as possible and that questionable claims are investigated early in the process.

Throughout the life of any Workers’ Compensation claim, Summit Hill Insurance is there for you to help minimize the risk of loss and its impact on your business every step of the way.

Life Insurance for Business Owners

People may be the most important asset your business has. Summit Hill Insurance for Business Owners offers many options to help you recruit, retain, reward and retire employees as well as prepare for business succession should the unexpected occur.

Summit Hill has provided generations of businesses the security only life insurance protection can bring. Discover how a Summit Hill agent can use this experience and industry-leading resources to build a tailored solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Keep Your Best Employees and Preserve Your Achievements

      • Executive Bonus Plan
        Keep and recruit your best and brightest employees with a win-win Executive Bonus Plan. Under the plan, you provide select employees a motivational incentive by allocating funds for the purchase of a life insurance or annuity product. Your employees will appreciate the ability to obtain a life insurance product they control. You will like the immediate income tax deduction for the employee bonus and freedom from further administration and/or benefits tracking.
      • Group Life Insurance
        A key concern for employees is protecting their families if they pass away. Summit Hill Life can help you meet this core need by providing your business a cost-effective Group Life Insurance plan. In turn, your employees are rewarded with an affordable group rate for individual life insurance plans.
      • Key Person Insurance
        Those select employees with special skills, knowledge or relationships that would be difficult or expensive to replace are the backbone of your business. If one of these vital people became disabled or died, you can use the death benefit or cash value from the policy to fund replacement and retraining expenses and help make up for lost business during the transition.


Multiple Policies

Save an extra 10% on your auto insurance just by insuring your home or apartment with us, too.

Please note that insurance coverage cannot be bound, placed or changed through voice mail, e-mail, fax or online via this website and must be confirmed directly with a licensed agent of Summit Hill Insurance for any coverage to be effective or altered.

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