Simply put, life insurance gives your loved ones financial security after you’re gone. You pay a monthly premium, and if the unexpected happens, your loved ones get a death benefit they can use for things such as medical bills, funeral expenses, outstanding mortgage, college tuition and even living expenses.

With life insurance Summit Hill provides, you can feel confident today knowing your family will be secure with the life insurance policy that you choose if they ever have to make it on their own.

Life Insurance Options

  • Term Life Insurance: This coverage lasts for a “term” you choose, usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. During that time, your life insurance premiums are guaranteed not to increase. If you pass away during that time period, your beneficiaries get a cash death benefit. If you live longer than the term period, you have the option to continue your life insurance coverage for an annual, renewable premium, which is generally much higher. You can usually convert a term life insurance policy to a permanent life insurance policy without getting a new medical exam. Get a term life insurance quote now.
  • Permanent Life Insurance: There are two big ways that permanent life insurance is different from term life insurance. First, the policy is meant to last the rest of your life (as long as you make the required premium payments, of course). Second, part of the money you pay into your permanent life insurance policy is set aside in an account where it can grow cash value that you can tap into later on. There are several types of permanent life insurance, each with different advantages.

Let’s say you get hurt and can’t work. Or maybe even develop a condition that demands expensive, ongoing treatment. Hopefully that will never happen, but if it does, the good news is that Disability health insurance helps soften the financial blow.

Disability health insurance does what the name says-it fills in specific health insurance gaps or gives you more coverage for certain needs (like cancer, accidents, or hospital indemnity).

It’s a good way to make sure you have enough coverage for situations that are typically expensive, but it isn’t a substitute for regular health insurance.

Disability health insurance is designed to kick in right when you need it most. The sad truth is that medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America.

If you find yourself in this kind of a situation, disability health insurance can help your family stay out of debt and keep your current standard of living.

So what does it cover? Typically, it helps with expenses that might not be covered by worker’s compensation or your regular health insurance, like your deductibles.

Disability health insurance can also help with indirect expenses. The things you don’t really think about popping up. Like if you need to send a child to day care, or if you need to pay to travel a long distance to get the best possible care.

Depending on the policy you choose, it could also cover your monthly bills while you’re out of work and other aspects of daily life.

Disability health insurance is often a great idea for:

  • Parents with children who depend on them
  • People with limited savings
  • Those who want extra security in the case of a crisis
  • People with limited health insurance coverage
  • People with demanding careers
  • Those who are at higher risk for cancer

After working hard your whole life, you deserve a comfortable retirement. Maybe you’re wondering whether you’ll be ready financially. In fact, a lot of Americans these days say that saving for retirement is their biggest financial concern. But don’t worry―they make it work, and so can you.

You’re tackling one of the biggest steps right now: taking a close look at where you stand now. Do what you can to save, and you’ll be in much better shape when the “big day” of retirement rolls around. Whether that’s 5 years away, or 30.


Multiple Policies

Save an extra 10% on your auto insurance just by insuring your home or apartment with us, too.

Please note that insurance coverage cannot be bound, placed or changed through voice mail, e-mail, fax or online via this website and must be confirmed directly with a licensed agent of Summit Hill Insurance for any coverage to be effective or altered.

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